The Virtual Project Manager

About Carrie Miller

Carrie Miller grew up in Scarsdale, NY.  After attending college at Brandeis University and receiving her MBA in marketing from the University of Texas she moved to Los Angeles.  Her career began in the film industry as a Line Producer.  Over the years, her path organically moved into Event and Travel Planning and now to being a Virtual Project Manager.

As a Virtual Project Manager, Carrie has used her skills and education to help her clients create virtual as well as live events and to build their web presence through their business systems, i.e. e-commerce, e-marketing, website editing and team management.  She is well versed in most of the popular softwares, such as 1 Shopping cart, AWeber, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Full Partner, Infusionsoft, etc. and can help any online business owner maintain their business operations while they spend their time growing their business and enjoying their passion.