The Virtual Project Manager

Are you looking to create or maximize your online business systems?

Ask yourself these questions:

• Have you worked hard to create your actual website but may not have any e-commerce or e-marketing systems implemented so you aren’t getting the results you desire?

• Do you have products to sell or services to market but you don’t know how to set it up online nor do you have the time to manage your systems or your team?

• Are you losing potential clients because you don’t keep in touch with them after they’ve expressed interest or purchased a product?

• Do you know how to set up a “pink spoon” offer? Newsletter template to send out every month? Manage an affiliate program? Create a “drip” campaign?

• Do you want to be doing your work and know that you have a team behind you that is running your online presence so you can?

You need more than a Virtual Assistant…

You need a Virtual Project Manager!

This is where I come in to help. As a Virtual Project Manager, I help my clients create virtual as well as live events, build their business through their online systems, i.e. e-commerce, e-marketing and website editing, and manage their teams. I am well versed in most of the popular softwares, such as Infusionsoft (I'm a Certified Consultant!), 1ShoppingCart, AWeber, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Full Partner, GoToWebinar, etc. and can help any online business owner maintain their business operations while they spend their time growing their business and enjoying their passion.

Check out the different offerings to get an in depth listing of your options for creating and managing your online business systems, or contact me for a consultation.

1. Do It Yourself (DIY) – are you just starting out, maybe want to set everything up yourself and need a shopping cart system, e-marketing system or other tools just put in place? Check out our DIY package.

2. Computer Systems Designed For You and You Take Over (CSDY) – maybe you have most of the pieces in place but you need someone to fill in what’s missing, help with strategy, set up your systems but then you have the time, skills and desire to manage the systems yourself. Check out our SUY package.

3. Take It All On For Me (TOTAL) – you have all your ducks in a row for your business, you want to take the next steps and bring on someone who can set up everything and run the systems for you, as well as possibly manage your existing team. Check out our TOTAL package.

Get everything you need to set up your business systems yourself. Just follow the steps, set up your accounts and then get to work selling your products, getting attendees to your teleseminars or webinars, etc.

A great value at just $19.95!



Let's say you don't know how or just don't want to spend your time setting up your systems. Totally understandable. Just buy this package and we'll set up everything for you, give you a 1 hour tutorial and then you can run with it!

Buy this package now for the great price of $497!




You want to have everything set up for you AND you want us to manage all your virtual activities, ie your system, setting up teleseminars, editing your website, even managing your team so that you can do what you do best - run your business! Buy into the Total Package! We can set up your systems and manage your online business and team. Call to discuss rates and the best way for us to work with you.

Packages available by hourly, by the project, or monthly retainer.